Monday, April 2, 2012

Islamic Sayings and Meanings

When you meet a Muslim: Assalamo Aleikom
Meaning: Peace be upon you

When a Muslim Greets you First: Waleikom Assalam
Meaning: And Peace be upon you

When starting to do something: Bismillah
Meaning: In the name of Allah

When intending to do something: InshaAllah
Meaning: If Allah wills

When taking an oath: Wallah or Billah
Meaning: Swearing to Allah

When something is being praised: SubhanaAllah
Meaning: Glory be to Allah

When in Pain and Distress: Ya Allah
Meaning: O'Allah

When expressing appreciation: MashaAllah
Meaning: That which Allah wills

When thanking someone: Jazak Allah khair
Meaning: May Allah reward

When awakening from sleep: La-Ilaha Ill Allah
Meaning: There is none worthy of worship except Allah alone

When sneezing: Alhamdulilah
Meaning: All praise be to Allah

When someone else sneezes: Yar-Hamuk-Allah
Meaning: May Allah bestow His mercy on you

When repenting of a sin: Astagh-firullah
Meaning: May Allah forgive

When giving to Charity: Fi-Sabi-lilah
Meaning:For the sake of Allah

When having love for someone: Lihub-Billah
Meaning: May be love of Allah

When Getting Married: Aman-to-Billah
Meaning: I believe in Allah

When a problem appears: Tawak-kalto Al-Allah
Meaning: I trust in Allah

When unpleasantness occurs: Authu-Billah
Meaning: I seek refuge in Allah

When pleasantness appears: Fata-Barak Allah
Meaning: Allah blessed us

When participating in prayer: Ameen
Meaning: May Allah answer

When parting from someone: Fi Aman Allah
Meaning: May Allah protect

When Death message is received: Inna-Lillahi-Wa-Inna-Lilahi-Rajim
Meaning: To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return


  1. This is great. I found another site which gave common sayings and it appears to have been removed. I am slowly learning.

    Thank you

  2. i am on twitter so i used these sayings for my charity website the state department interviewed me for my charity work with Muslims and they wrote an article about my charity work and published it on thank you for this.fee aman Allah,Sister Debbie Al-Harbi

  3. its inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji 'un

  4. Asalaaam Wailaikum My Brother & Baby girl she newly born 8days Old.. ...she is in hospital so I would like to request u all plz plz plz pray for her she get well soon.....

  5. What does 'la fata illa Ali' mean?

    1. It is half of a sentence uttered by Muhammad in a battle, spoken after his main guy Ali used his badass sword (given to him by Muhammad) to split the shield and helmet of a fierce opponent.
      The full sentence reads:
      lā fata ʾillā ʿAlī; lā sayf ʾillā Ḏū l-Fiqār.
      "There is no hero like Ali; There is no sword like Dhu-l-Fiqar"
      I guess it could be used as slang to prop up your friend Ali, if you have one :)